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Jamia Tul Banat Saifni




A Sincere Appeal

The great patriotism and well wishers of country regard this fact that in the Islamic institutes there is certainly success of Islam and humanity with its education within the growth and progress of Islamic institutes. This is also important and necessary for the progress of Islamic Institute. Its education is beneficial not only in smaller countries India and Pakistan but also all over world. Sariyat for rights has given the equal rights to man and woman for to get education.
If the women are educated and well mannered, so all the evils of the social will definitely remove. In Saifni the nearby location of our Bilari there is done the standard work for girl education. There was a great need of Central institute for religious and socio education of the girls. And by god grace Dr Maulana Mubeen Ashraf Naeemi and his friends looked into the matter and took so effective action that the required institute is running now and completed a requirement of the nation. I have visited this institute but you know that being insufficient space and shortage of money for construction, this institute has arranged the system of the girl education within Veil , the food and dwelling of the large number of hosteller students and proved that where there is a will there is a way. If the person is determined so with god grace he can open lots of the paths and destinations. And we are waiting for you all well wishers that you personally visit and inspect yourself the need and requirement of the institute and help and charity by speech, money and other modes of charity and get the pious forever. May god protect this Institute from all directions and difficulties. Aameen. 

Maulana Safaul Mustafa 
Grand Sun Of Sadarush'sharia

Writer Of Bahar E Shariat

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