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Jamia Tul Banat Saifni

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Hostel -We have arrangement of food here in jamia-tul-banat mostly we provide rice, bread, vegetables and mutton. We also have an arrangement of breakfast as well.


First aid- We also have medical facility available inside jamia-tul-banat, if at times any of the students is not feeling well we call our regular doctors to the institute itself were the doctor takes care of the student we have a nurse who works for jamia-tul-banat and is available for 24 hours. We also shift any serious students to hospital if needed. And insha Allah we have plans to construct a dispensary inside the institute.


Guest house- We also have a guest house where parents or relatives of the students can stay (if it is impossible for them to reach back their home) and meet their children

Library We have well equipped library where we have more than 10000 books available for the enhancement of knowledge of students. Students can come and read the books inside the library and can take books to their home for references.


Entertainment- We also have an entertainment room where students can sit and relax even they can watch madani channl and spend their leisure time.


Meeting room- We have meeting room inside the institute where students can meet their parents or guardians.


Communications system- We have phone available for communication purposes between student and their parents or guardians.