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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Muhammad S.A.W. had declared about the person, will go to heaven surely that would get educate their daughters and sister and get married them also. Therefore it is clear that girl education is necessary because the first school of the child is his mother’s lap. The lady who is educated and well behaved definitely will apply this skill to her children. Such children will do their best in the field of work and knowledge and will be successful. 
Therefore the responsible and worried persons took into knowledge the Saifni Rampur where the girl education was very backward and low levelled. I was not only suggested but also ordered that I should establish a girl institute for their better education so that the girls must not be victim of inferiority complex in any aspect of life. And they may perform the best and present the best example in the field of girl education. Only depend on Allah and hoping your support and help in 2005 there is established a girl institute by the pious and holy man’s hand in SAIFNI SHAHBAD RAMPUR and the institute have proved its quality better than the expectations in a very short time period. This time there is a major number of day scholar and hosteller students are studying under supervision of hardworking and sincere teachers. Most of the qualified girls are giving their service to the generation in the various fields. May god make the benefit and education and lessons of this institute spread all over world. 
At the end I would like to remind here my two sincere and intelligent friends without their name the conversation is not complete. Qari Shahzad Lalatikarvi and Hafiz Rizwan Rampuri who has completed his education from the top university of india JNU. Both of the men did a lot of struggle for the progress of the institute and never took back their step at any moment or circumstances. May god these both people get the name and fame all over the world for eternity.

 Dr Mubeen Ashraf Naeemi   

 20/02/2009                                                                                                                  (Founder and manager) 
Jamiatul Banat Saifni 

Distt. Rampur UP 202417 


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